Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

The Photographer

I cherish candid.  I am empowered by emotion from a photo.  I want to capture the real you, the happy you, the laughing you, the sad you...  Your most vulnerable moments--dancing in front of hundreds of guests at your wedding.  Your joyous occasions--  a photo of your baby giggling, playing with his feet. 

Or let me pose you...I want you to see the beautiful you, take the most gorgeous portraits you've ever seen of yourself. Make a day of coming to the studio to have your makeup done professionally, wear a gorgeous gown, drink some wine and create amazing portraits of you. 

There is hardly of genre of photography that I do not love.  I have tried my hand at them all.  Of course I have my favorites, but to me?  It's all about the art.  I'm all about the art.  I see beauty in the ugliest of things.  I see the good, the potential.  I love to learn about this art.  I'm always--always-- enrolled in some course to be able to offer something unique to my clients.

Lots of clients become friends of mine.  I find that somehow I must meet the absolute best people on earth doing this job.  I think that makes me extremely lucky.



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